"We had to put up an orange cone where other actors had tread in the past. We put up an orange cone where Brian Cox’s performance was, we put up an orange cone where Anthony Hopkins’ performance was. Really it was about finding an actor, like we did with Hugh, who had such a specific take on the character. And on our first meeting with Mads, he was saying that he didn’t want to play Anthony Hopkins or Brian Cox, he wanted to play Satan, and I thought that was really cool. So it actually was very funny to see David [Slade] directing Mads, because he has this gift for micro-expressions where little things happen over the ripple across the surface of his face. So in the scene in the pilot when Hannibal is with his patient Franklin, who he later kills, it was fun to see David directing Mads and saying ‘I need to see a bit of a smile.’ And he was like, ‘I was smiling.’ And David would say ‘I can see it, but the camera can’t see it.’”